Teeing up qualified prospects

  • By Lisa Benson
  • Published August 2016

have automated 'auto-pilot' tools, as well, but ultimately the agent has to close the deal," said Wilson.

LeaseHawk offers an interactive solution that transforms the way leading multifamily companies and their customers communicate. ACE (Answer Calls Every time) is an automated assistant that engages apartment prospects using natural language, similar to Apple's Siri or Amazon's Alexa, to answer leasing questions, make appointments and collect guest card information 24/7.

"Today's renters are using self-service tools to handle their entire apartment search without interacting with a person. ACE enables callers to take control of the conversation and gives apartment management companies a cost-effective and more reliable alternative to call centers," says Mike Cornell, chief product officer of LeaseHawk. He elaborates, "Intelligent assistant technology is already widespread in many industries including hotels, airlines and retail, and will drive the future of apartment hunting by creating a self-service model that is responsive and consistent." In fact, Gartner Research predicts that by the year 2020, customers will handle 85 percent of their relationships with a company without ever interacting with another human being. This trusted source for business knowledge appreciates the challenges our industry faces.

Once the stuff of science fiction, automation is not just futuristic, it is infusing every faucet of our lives, while mobility facilitates our daily experiences. Yet multifamily continues to struggle with models that were abandoned years ago by other industries. There are so many questions, even more needs, and, though there are solutions, the answers are not apparent. Creating a comparative review of offerings would be a helpful start. Maybe our friends at NMHC Tech will craft a panel this November to shed light on these new and somewhat misunderstood technologies.